Programs and Services That Strengthen Family Bonds


Many times the symptoms of behavioral health aren’t so obvious. Often they can be very subtle, such as difficulty getting up to go to school, sleeping a lot, excessive energy, or even crying, which is very common with younger children.

Often as parents, the feeling of helplessness can be frightening, but you are not alone. Reach Family Services, Inc. (Alcanza Servicios de Familia) has a variety of programs that can be tailored to meet your child and family's needs.

At Reach Family Services, Inc. (Alcanza Servicios de Familia), we can help you with these issues. We work directly with children to find coping mechanisms and help children manage their symptoms. In addition, we work with the family to help the child and family dynamic.

"Our Kids Give Us A Thumbs Up"

Family Support Partner

Family Support Partners (FSP) empower and support caregivers raising children with behavioral health needs. This service can help you navigate through various systems such as educational, Child Welfare, Department of Economic Security (DES), juvenile court, and many more. FSP’s may also assist families in finding additional resources including community housing, employment skills development and many more.

Youth Mentor

Youth mentors provide direct support to youth enrolled in the behavioral health system between the ages of 6-17 years of age. They offer a wide variety of support including life skills, development of coping skills, social skills, self-esteem, and confidence building, creating positive educational and occupational skills, and many more. Youth Mentors may also expose youth to various community resources.

Youth Groups

Youth Groups are conducted monthly and offer youth the ability to learn about skills training and development in order to help increase communication skills and positive connections with other youth in the behavioral health system. Youth learn valuable independent skills that help create and encourage a positive group atmosphere while simultaneously implementing social skills.

Parent Groups

Parent Groups are provided once monthly and offer parents of youth in the behavioral health system skills training on the areas of communication, relationship building, emotional management and much more. This group is designed to include parents of various cultural backgrounds due to its Bilingual aspect of English and Spanish. Parents are exposed to positive support systems in order to provide their families with the quality of life they desire.